About Us

About us

Welcome to CorrLine International the parent company of CorrX, an innovative Coating-Edge Technology. CorrLine CorrX is a superior surface treatment, a unique cleaning process that prepares substrates for protective coating applications. CorrLine CorrX eliminates the nonvisible cause of coating failures and prevents corrosion even in the most corrosive environments.

CorrLine is a partnership between The Tagos Group, LLC and TriGenex of Texas, Inc. formed to eliminate corrosion. Our objective is to reshape and redefine the corrosion-prevention industry by ensuring that our technological innovations are the leading solutions for substrate preparation and protection.

A report published by the World Corrosion Organization revealed that more than $2.2 trillion is spent annually on corrosion. This amount is even more astounding when you consider that most estimates only capture the direct costs associated with corrosion. Environmental damage, wasted resources, loss of production and personal injuries are just some of the indirect costs linked to corrosion that can increase this lost money by as much as 30%. CorrLine International reduces both the direct and indirect costs of managing corrosion.

Corrosion is the Enemy, Not an Industry.

Let us prove to you the revolutionary solution CorrLine CorrX can offer you. Allow one of our trained technologists to discuss your corrosion issues and the ways CorrLine can eliminate them today. Join us in Making Corrosion History